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" Lovers of cappuccino, latte, tea, cake or wine have long known Adriaan in the heart of vibrant Bruges. "

The beautiful interior, the nice music and the fine hospitality in a neoclassical, former bank building. Adriaan has several types of espresso beans that change weekly or sometimes more often. The fresh cappuccinos and flat whites with latte art are prepared at the bar, so you can see how the rosetta is served in the cup. This makes drinking coffee even more of a real experience.

" Adriaan has a sophisticated menu with four pillars: coffee, tea, cake and breakfast (brunch). "

Everything is freshly and traditionally prepared on site. Freshly roasted coffee beans, daily fresh cake, artisanally picked tea leaves that you will not find anywhere else or a delicious wine. Also for Coffee to Go (take-away). The coffee bar has 55 seats. In the summer you can enjoy the sun (and of course your delicious wine, cake or coffee) on the sunny terrace.

The building is a former bank building (1832), right next to the city theater with a cozy and warm interior. Inside you mainly have natural materials such as oak floor, beautiful chandeliers, antique wall lamps, beautiful display cabinet and you breathe the atmosphere of a modern Wiener Kaffeehaus (Grand Café) in the heart of Bruges. antique wall lamps and the beautiful chandelier. They mostly play music from the 60s and 70s, jazz, rock and roll to Motown. If you want to read a book or open your MacBook or enjoy coffee and cake, then you are at the right place. Adriaan is also ideal for relaxed workplaces, meetings, co-working and even coffee workshops. (Excellent wi-fi and Sonos sound system).

Adriaan is located in the center of Bruges, surrounded by all the nice shops, the market and museums that this city has to offer. Adriaan is located on a cozy square next to the city theater and in the summer it is really enjoyable on the terrace.



The former owner and barista is a coffee know-it-all.



The owner and barista makes the perfect coffee or tea for you.


Student team

Our young student team is happy to ensure that you do not lack anything.